Timeless Arrow


Basic Information (stuff that all the party members know):

Timeless Arrow is a skilled Githzerai Ranger, a masterful archer, who got separated from his clan while on an Illithid-hunting excursion into the material plane, and seeks revenge on the Mind Flayer that stranded him here and a way to reunite himself with his home monastery on the Plane of Elemental Chaos. He is an old friend of Rain (Shifter Avenger) and seems to be somehow associated with Tharkesh (Half-Elf Warlock) as well.
Appearance, Attire, and Possessions:
Timeless Arrow has the same basic form as a human, but his skin has a green tint an he has black markings on his face and body. His eyes are black, his hair is black, and his ears are long and pointed.
Timeless Arrow keeps himself bundled up in a gray cloak, and keeps the hood over his head in public surroundings due to his unusual appearance. He wears a set of thin leather armor under a green tunic decorated with images of the history of his monastery. He wears black gloves. His left hand appears to be swollen and somewhat larger than his left.
Timeless Arrow is a self-appointed arbitrator of right and wrong, and fancies himself able to look at a situation and immediately determine who has the higher moral ground (this is far from the truth, however – he has made significant mistakes more than once, including drawing a bow on an old adventuring teammate because he “looked suspicious” – but although he is far from perfect, he is at least fairly insightful). Quick to action, Timeless Arrow is almost never caught by surprise.

Secret Information (stuff only the DM knows):

…What, you think I was actually going to tell you? I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll put it up here when the adventure’s over. I’ve sent the REAL secret stuff to the DM via private message.

Timeless Arrow

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