Basic Information (stuff that all the party members know):

Tharkesh is a Warlock, channeling arcane power from some Infernal source. His attacks take the form of silvery energy bolts (often disks or missiles shaped like clawed hands). Tharkesh has amnesia. He has know idea where he comes from. He suspects that he used to be a swordsman of some sort, that the same event/thing that caused his amnesia granted him his infernal powers, and that there are people in his adventuring party that know more about him than he does.
Appearance, Attire, and Possessions:
Tharkesh is on the short side, with red hair, blue eyes, and pointed ears. He is dressed in a scarlet cape, a black doublet, and green pants. His attire is somewhat ostentatious and flashy (the embroidered edge of his cape is gold, and his gloves are blue with dozens of little black swirls and designs on them). He enjoys twirling his cape through the air and flipping it from side to side. He carries a gnarled, dark brown wand with the image of a sleek, silver wolverine etched into it.
Tharkesh is a schizophrenic. He switches between chipper, flamboyant, and joyful, with a friendly demeanor and a very diplomatic attitude, to dark, shady, and cruel. He has recently taken to asking questions about his past, and seems to suspect that Timeless Arrow and Rain know something about him.

Secret Information (stuff only the DM knows):

…What, you think I was actually going to tell you? I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll put it up here when the adventure’s over. I’ve sent the REAL secret stuff to the DM via private message.


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